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Recharge your body with IV Drip Therapy

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IV Drip Therapy is the fastest way to experience relief from day-to-day symptoms. Nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system to accelerate both effectiveness and absorption. Our curated menu of IVs addresses the root causes of common concerns — fatigue, lack of focus, stress, weakened immunity, and skin issues. Each session can take anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour. A healthcare professional will mix the solution to be injected according to your doctor’s instructions. They will then insert the IV needle and monitor the infusion through its duration.

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Recharge your body with IV Drip Therapy
Based on your symptoms, you can choose which IV therapy treatment will be the best fit for you. Our medical team can also add extra vitamins and explain the benefits of each one, customizing the IV treatment for you!

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Personalized IV- Customary IV plan cultivated by a medical professional following a comprehensive evaluation and medical workup to assess your unique individual needs. You are optimizing your health and wellness.


Relax, Recharge -$225 

The Zen drip restores your mind, body, and soul with a refreshing infusion of vitamins and minerals that help your body “chill out” naturally by lowering cortisol levels and balancing your brain chemistry to foster relaxed, pleasant moods.


Hang Over Cure -$199

Wipe away any lingering hangover symptoms. Rehydrate your body, replenish lost vitamins, restore electrolytes, and flush unwanted toxins from your system.


Energy/Focus -$225

Gives you the boost you need to feel engaged and energized, capable of tackling every challenge that might come your way. Refresh yourself, feel wide awake, and end the irritability and brain fog. Clarity improved memory and concentration.


Immune Boost - $225

Your immune system gets exposed to stress and new threats every single day. Strengthen it with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs to optimize wellness and reduce inflammation in the body.


Optimize- Beauty/skin/weight management $299

Get a healthy youthful glow, fill fine lines, clear up your complexion, fight the signs of aging. Our beauty-enhancing IV drip includes all-natural ingredients with no harmful side effects. Get your hair, skin, and nails looking young again and reduce your waistline.


Nad+= $499  

Provides numerous benefits for cognition, energy, anti-aging, brain health, fatigue, inflammation, metabolism, pain reduction, improves cells resistance to stress, improves mood.

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