Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation w/Labs

Vitamin and Mineral Testing

  • 2 hours
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Service Description

2 Appointments: Consultation fees include your initial visit AND your follow up to review labs and discuss treatment recommendations. Everyone can feel better. Whether you have underlying medical issue and are searching for an integrative approach or you're looking to attain optimal health to be your best self , a comprehensive integrative assessment is for everyone. An initial evaluation is completed to understand your health concerns or find the areas that you want to be better in. Can you sleep better? Can you have better energy? How is stress impacting your body? Could you have better memory/concentration? How can you optimize your health? What vitamins and nutrients do you really need? How are unknown allergies or inflammation impacting your body? The workup will involve extensive lab testing not available or routinely done elsewhere for a customized and personalized health treatment plan. Find out about your individual unique vitamin/nutritional needs, food/allergy testing, inflammatory testing, digestive testing, stress testing and more. Get a personal IV/oral vitamin regimen and recommendations for your optimal health and wellness. *Out of pocket prices also available!*

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