IV Therapy

Individuals use IV therapy to optimize health, relax and destress.

  • 45 minutes
  • Starting at $199
  • MyMindWell

Service Description

IV therapy is the intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This puts them directly in your bloodstream (increasing it’s absorption rate to 100% due to all of it bypassing your digestive system and GI tract), making them powerful enough to support your body as it attempts to heal infections, fatigue, heart disease, and even cancer. *Highly recommended paired with VR - Total price $250 The benefits: Feel the results in under an hour. Four times as effective as oral vitamin pills. Personalized formulations provide customized solutions to your health issues and goals. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids used in our drips and shots are essential for the biochemical reactions taking place in every cell in our bodies. Thus, you see improvement at every level and in every facet of your life. Personalized IV- Customary IV plan cultivated by a medical professional following a comprehensive evaluation and medical work up to assess your unique individual needs. Optimizing your health and wellness. Relax, Recharge -$225- The Zen drip restores your mind, body, and soul with a refreshing infusion of vitamins and minerals that help your body “chill out” naturally by lowering cortisol levels and balancing your brain chemistry to foster relaxed, pleasant moods. Hang Over Cure -$199- Wipe away any lingering hangover symptoms. Rehydrate your body, replenish lost vitamins, restore electrolytes, and flush unwanted toxins from your system. Energy/Focus -$225 Gives you the boost you need to feel engaged and energized, capable of tackling every challenge that might come your way. Refresh yourself, feel wide awake, and put an end to the irritability and brain fog. Clarity improved memory and concentration. Immune Boost - $225- Your immune system gets exposed to stress and new threats every single day. Strengthen it with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs to optimize wellness and reduce inflammation in the body. Optimize- Beauty/skin/weight management - $299- Get a healthy youthful glow, fill fine lines, clear up your complexion, fight the signs of aging. Our beauty-enhancing IV drip includes all-natural ingredients with no harmful side effects. Get your hair, skin, and nails looking young again and reduce your waistline. Nad+=499 $ Provides numerous benefits for cognition, energy, anti-aging, brain health, fatigue, inflammation, metabolism, pain reduction, improves cells resistance to stress, improves mood.

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