Vitamin And Mineral Blood Tests

Use Our IV Drips After Vitamin And Mineral Blood Tests

Vitamin and mineral blood tests can give you insight into where you lack specific nutrients to keep you healthy. After you’ve had vitamin and mineral blood tests done, consider one of our IV drips to help put vital nutrients back into your bloodstream. These drips increase your absorption rate to 100% since the minerals and vitamins bypass your digestive system and GI tract. The IV is powerful enough to support your body as it heals infections, reduces fatigue, and provides a number of other health benefits.

You should feel the results in just under an hour, and the drips are four times as effective as oral vitamin supplements and pills. Each IV drip is completely customized to meet your needs and focus on your specific health goals. Ask about our personalized IV plan that is put together by a medical professional after a thorough evaluation. You can optimize your health and wellness as you relax and recharge with our IV drips. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.